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Xingda 6/21 Images could not be resized when they are "framed", i.e. [[image:image|frame|400px]] Also, once you upload a new version of some image, the image doesn't change at all.

  • Can you show me where this is happening? Also, have you tried [[File:image|frame|XXXpx]] instead of the Image tag?
  • For the new version of the image, have you tried to do a "refresh" on the page--should be a "refresh" tab? Again, if that doesn't work, point me to the specific problem and I'll have a look.

Xingda 6/22 I tried the [[File:image|frame|XXXpx]]. Does not work. You can try that on James Watt's picture on Straight Line and its construction. For the next problem, you can see it here What you see is an old version of the image but if you click it, you will see the new version. This happens a lot.

  • For the resizing, the answer is that, in fact, "framed" images cannot be resized. That's just how MediaWiki does it. If you want to resize the image and sort of frame it, you need to use "thumb" instead (shown here).
  • As for the replace images, I'm only seeing one version--what I assume is the latest version. I think that what's happening is that your browse is remembering the old version that you had up earlier. Did the "refresh" button not work? If not, try clearing the browsers cache (in Firefox, I believe this is under the "Tools" menu). Let me know if that doesn't work for you.

Xingda 6/22 ok. I will use thumb operations then. I tried to refresh. Doesn't work. I don't know how to "clear cache". I am still seeing two versions of the stuff. That is weird.

Also, the click-to-see-more button fail to recognize a subsection title, i.e. ==Subsection 1== See Logarithmic Scale and the Slide Rule

Hey Xingda, Sorry it took me so long to get back to you on these things. For this one, using the ! makes the things in that row a "header" for the table, which the MediaWiki software automatically bolds. Instead, just use the standard wiki ''' ''' to bold the individual boxes you want bolded. For example:
Arithmetic 1 2 3 4 5 6 ... Logarithms
2^1 2^2 2^3 2^4 2^5 2^6 ...
Geometric 2 4 8 16 32 64 ... Antilogarithms

Please let me know how that works out for you!

  • Xingda 7/6 How to upload a regular txt. file and link it?

So, you should be able to upload this normally, using the Upload a File. Just hit "ignore warning" when it tells you that .txt is not an accepted extension.

Then, to link to this file, you will want to use an external link to the place on the Math Forum server where it is stored: Here's an example:

[ Test TXT File]

should give you: Test TXT File.

How does that work?


Again, really sorry I didn't get back to you on this sooner!

Is this still an issue? I can't find it on your page. If it is, can you point me to exactly where it's happening?


it is not because i screwed up the template while trying to change the heading of the page. see the page now and you will find that the text is no longer hidden by default. after the end of the page, some random repetition came up. Xingda 7/14

  • Xingda 7/9 1. Footnote syntax does not work. 2. I tried to change the "Basic Description" to "Introduction" and "A More Mathematical Explanation" to some other title but screwed up the template and somehow the basic description repeats itself at the very end. See Straight Line and its construction
1. Footnote syntax did not work because it is part of a MediaWiki extension that needed to be installed before we could use it. It is now installed and your <ref></ref> text appears as footnotes now. You will need to add a <references/> tag to your page under references so that the footnotes actually link to something. For more information on this, visit Wikipedia.
2. Working on figuring out why exactly this is happening so that I can resolve it.

Smaurer1 23:57, 4 June 2010 (UTC)This damn software logs me out after a while, even if I have been active. Then to save all the changes I have made, without giving an IP address instead of my name, I have to log back in, and all the changes I have made but not saved have been lost. Is there a way to change the default about logout timeouts?

June 2nd

We're still struggling with a solution for way to replace the 'show' links that appear under the mathematical sections. We discussed a bunch of options that we think will be more noticeable (because so many people don't even realize they can click the 'show').

Ideally, we want to make some text appear under the title because then it is much harder to miss. We were hoping to dim the text for the first two paragraphs and change the word show to 'click here to see more'. We want to show the first two paragraphs dimmed so that text is visible, but it doesn't mean you have to scroll way down the page to see the next heading. Is this possible? Thanks so so so much!

Can it look like this? .....

Example Header

[click here to see more]

The fixed point theorem can be explained intuitively in one dimension by showing that every continuous function on a closed interval has a point where f(x)= x. If we map the function f(x)=x, we can see that any f that intersects this line will have the value f(x)=x at the point of intersection. We can also see graphically that any unbroken function from a to b (the green line to the purple) must intersect the blue diagonal. The intersection is the fixed point.

More formally, if we set up a list of restrictions on an equation, ϕ(x), we can use the intermediate value theorem to prove that there is a fixed point and find its value. Consider that ϕ(x) = f(x)-x. First, we must know that f(a) ≠ a and f(b) ≠ b because if f(a)=a or f(b)=b that point will already be a fixed point. Then, we can define that ϕ(a) = f(a) - a > 0 and ϕ(b) = f(b) - b < 0. Since ϕ is continuous on the interval [a, b], the intermediate value theorem states that ϕ(x)=0 at some point on the open interval (a, b). This is the fixed point. .