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The content on this page was written by Steve Cunningham. I am just doing formatting and will make a main image for the page.

Nordhr 11:40 1 July 2011


Message to the Future

  • I don't personally really see anything this page is missing, so I don't have a message to the future.

References and Footnotes

  • I made the main image (which it says in the discussion section of the image)
  • The other image was provided by Steve Cunningham (which it says in the discussion section of that image)
  • Steve Cunningham wrote the page from his knowledge, so it says so in the reference section.

Good Writing


  • In the 'why is this interesting' section I explain that surface normals can be used for lighting and silhouette edges.

Quality of prose and page structuring

  • The beginning part of the page explains what it is going to be about and a little of the context.
  • Sections have a clear purpose
  • The page is short and specific enough that I don't think that making any helper pages is warranted.
  • The math is all grouped together near the bottom of the "More Mathematical Explanation" section.

Connections to other mathematical topics

This page is said to lie in the fields of algebra and calculus. I agree with calculus, certainly -- lots of derivatives here -- but not with algebra. instead I would suggest the fields of calculus and geometry, since normals are geometric constructs. SteveC
I definitely agree. I think that may have even been my original intention, but algebra is the default category. I think I might have mis-clicked. --Nordhr

  • This page links to the graphics primitives page.

Examples, Calculations, Applications, Proofs

  • The analytic normal section explains where the formulas come from.

Mathematical Accuracy and precision of langage

  • This page has been proofread by others and me and I believe it is free of mathematical errors.
  • I believe that the language is very explanatory and clear.
  • The word "normalized" needs a mouse over definition
I added a mouse over for normalized --Nordhr
  • "Bézier patches" needs to be defined AnnaP 16:29, 3 August 2011 (UTC)
I decided to put a link to the wiki page on Bézier surfaces, because it seems like they are a hard thing to give a simple definition for. --Nordhr (August 3)


  • Text is in short easy to read paragraphs. There aren't as many images on this page, but it isn't something that lends itself well to a bunch of images.
  • All of the scary math is hidden in the math section. I don't think that this page is long enough to have a second hidden section.
  • The only obvious whitespace is around the image (not the main page image), and I don't see an easy way to fix that. If I right align that image I think it looks funny with the main image on the page, and if I left align it, it messes with the margins.
  • The image on the page is completely contained in the correct section.
  • The hidden text looks good.
  • The page looks good in pretty much all sizes