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Starting a new helper page

Creating a Helper Page, unlike creating an Image Page, does not require a form. You can create a helper page while you are working on an Image Page. You can simply include, in the text of your image page:

[[Title of the helper page]]

Once the page is saved, your Image Page will have a link, Title of the helper page, wherever you entered this text. If the link is blue or purple [I think purple is more confusing than helpful], this Helper Page already exists, and clicking on the link will take you to the page. If the link is red, this Helper Page doesn't yet exist, and clicking on the link will you direct you to a page that lets you create it. No template is assigned for helper pages. Once you save your new Helper Page, it now exists, and all links to the page will be updated to function blue or purple links.

Wait a sec. First of all, suppose the page says that the link will appear either blue or red, without mentioning purple, and then the link turns out to be purple. That's potentially even more confusing. Second of all, how is saying "blue or purple" even remotely confusing? Could we add "(for these purposes, the difference between blue and purple doesn't matter)" if you're really concerned?
-Abram, 1/17

I resolved it my way. Let me know if you have disagreements. G 3/18

Looks great.
-Abram 20:36, 25 April 2011 (UTC)