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Hi Eliza,

You did a great job covering the Fibonacci aspect of the broccoli on your page. I have some suggestions on how to revise that aspect as well as other suggestions on future directions that your page could take.

I thought you handled your presentation quite well, especially the way you answered Mr. Tarranta’s questions and clarified the data results. Your answers during the presentation regarding the difference in ratios from the side view and aerial view should be incorporated into the page. For instance, you should elaborate on how there are different and misleading ratios of the broccoli depending on which way you view it, whether it is from the side or from the top. Include this discussion somewhere between the two top images of the broccoli.

Also, what you should do, to clear up any confusion, is to number the line segments. It’s hard to see what line segments you are referring to when you are charting their ratios.

You do a good job explaining why you need to take the ratio of the Fibonacci sequence. However, you should explain how you arrived at the ratios for that sequence as well as the for the broccoli segments. It’s not clear why you divided the largest line segment by the next largest. Why does this ratio work? I believe this was something Mr.Taranta asked you during presentation. Clarify this.

Somewhere between your data set and your first graph where you explain what you noticed about the lines created, you should another point of discussion. Talk about the potential for the broccoli ratio 3 line to intersect with the Fibonacci line ratio. If there had been more data points for the broccoli line segment 3 (ie. possibly a bigger broccoli), couldn’t you speculate that the broccoli grows at exactly the same rate as the Fibonacci sequence? Anyway, the intersection between broccoli ratio 3 line and the Fibonacci line ratio is the reason why you decided to keep the two lines, right? You forgot to pinpoint exactly why you decided to keep the two lines before launching into a discussion of your final graph, so mention that. It’ll keep with the logical transitions of your mathematical discussion.

And for the final graph that you produced, you should make your linear approximations more clear. I know you have them underneath their respective colored broccoli and Fibonacci lines but is there any way to go back and color-code those lines?

Other technical things: You could use mouseover for fractal because you might be engaging with an audience that is not familiar with that term. I wasn’t even sure what a fractal was until you told me! Anyways, if you could provide a definition for fractal, that’d be super helpful. I can deal with the technical aspects of making it a mouseover where you place your mouse over a linked term and out pops out a cloud with its definition.

Future directions: You mentioned about wanting to cover the fractal aspect of the broccoli. I am not really familiar with fractals, but I am willing to do research on it if you are interesting in extending your page. I know it is summer vacation, so you may not be as willing to do any more work. But try to get in touch with me. I am more than happy to work with you to complete your page by the end of the summer. Hopefully we’ll have a finished product that you can be proud to call your own.

Anyways, this was long, but I hope it all helps! If you have any questions, feel free to contact me at

--Lpeng1 16:15, 1 July 2013 (EDT)