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References and footnotes

  • I placed a link to all the websites that I used any information from in the references section
  • I placed a comment that I (Marhot) created the images that are on this page.


  • I mentioned how this relates to calculus which is where most of the application with Riemann sums would fall under
  • I didn't go into why it is interesting because Riemann sums are more of a tool for better understanding or beginning to understand integration

Quality of prose and page structuring

  • My beginning paragraph explains what a Riemann sum is and I progressed from there throughout.
  • In the "More Mathematical Explanation" I placed the math in progressive order from less difficult to more difficult, starting with simple addition of the area of the rectangles and later going into sums.

Examples, Calculations, Applications, Proofs

  • I put in many visual examples which are referred to throughout the text
  • Some of the visuals aren't explicitly referred to but have arrows and labels that directly relate to the written portions (for example the table of over and under estimations)
  • I put in an example calculation of five rectangles before introducing the general equations.

Mathematical Accuracy and Precision of Language

  • I explained what each part of any equation represented.


  • I avoided having as much white space as I could and presented images throughout