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Hi Abram, I've finally figured out how to pass back detailed feedback! Here goes:

  • All the faces are regular polygons [Defn as a mouseover?] (in each face, all the edges are the same length, and the angles between the edges are all same)
  • If you hang a Platonic solid by a string that is attached either to one of the vertices or to the center one of the faces, then spin the figure part way around, you get a figure identical to the original (better wording needed here). This is called rotational symmetry. [again mouseover help? In fact trying again a bunch of the following with mouseovers would be a great experiment!]

The mouseover extension has been added.

Mouse over this text!

Hi Gene,

This mouseover development is exciting! Also, I like the idea of using this discussion page as a central place for talking about the page. Two questions:

1) I assume that the only way to add a mouseover is to manually insert the text <balloon title="balloon text. " style="color:whatever"> Text that gets moused over </balloon>, i.e. that there is no button or easier way of doing this.

2) Is there way of contributing to the discussion page besides clicking on the edit tab and then editing the page that way? I guess what I'm after is that in wikipedia discussion/talk pages, often whole comments are indented one or more times to make it easier to figure out how different topics are threaded. What's the easiest way to do that indentation on these discussion pages?

Feature suggestions

I think it might be interesting to include more about the importance of the statement 'vertices + faces = edges +2'. Great page.

Nordhr 17:15 29 June 2011

Hi Gene,

A couple of feature ideas.

1) It would be nice to be able to incorporate a mathematical glossary into this page somehow. Sometimes I use a mathematical term (say, "convex") for which I give a quick mouseover bubble explanation (that feature is great), but I would also like to be able to provide a link to more information about the term. Sometimes a link to an existing source will work great ( I'm sure that there is a good definition of convexity out there on the web), but sometimes a write might want to provide their own definition (for instance, if every definition of convexity in the web is like that on wikipedia, it will be totally inaccessible to pre-college, and even many in-college, students). Is there a way of creating an "in-house" glossary?

2) Often times, there is good information out there on the web that a page creator/editor might want to use, but annotate or mildly edit, to clarify certain points. A lot of this annotation can be accomplished with mouse-overs, but not all of it. What's the policy and importing large chunks of material from other websites whole sale, and on importing large chunks of material from other websites but "marking it up" with annotations? Similarly, is there a policy on paraphrasing large chunks of material from other sites?