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Quick comment: Abram, 5/24

Nice job with the animations, Xingda. They are simple, but clear, which is exactly what a good animation should do. You also do a nice job telling the reader what (s)he should notice about the animation.

We'll talk more about the page next time we meet.

Comments: Abram, 5/20

Great things about the page:

  • The Barack Obama approach to describing parameterizations
  • Well-chosen examples, and really good animations being developed.
  • Good starts on non-equation-based descriptions of some of the examples

Things to work on:

  • Adding a description of parameterizations in math to the Barack Obama description
  • Clean up the x-axis examples:
    • Explanation that paths are starting at the origin
    • A description of how only part of the x-axis is being parameterized
    • A description of what the reader should notice in the animations, even though the animations aren't up yet!
    • Anything else you might notice

Comments: Abram, 5/17

Great things about the page:

  • Good scope
  • Some great MatLab graphics emerging
  • Good choice of basic example:

Things to work on:

  • A totally non-mathy summary of what parameterizing a line or a curve does and what it's good for
  • A second parameterization of the x-axis
  • Being careful to distinguish when you are talking about a curve from when you are talking about a path.