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Anna 7/9

This page still needs a fair amount of work, and I might honestly put it at a lower priority, since you have many pages that you can quickly edit to get ready to go.

One thing I would fix is that under properties, you say that the differential equations are a strange attractor. That isn't right, the solution, ie the Lorenz Attract, is the solution.

I'm also kind of wary of having differential equations in a basic description. Maybe that's a place for three for four sentences about history.

My comments below still stand... I want to see some description of where the fractal came from, and why it's historically important to the development of chaos theory... though that can be left as an idea for the future.

Also, I went in and fixed a broken link for you.

I might move the sentence "Originally described by Edward Lorenz as equations that would model the unpredictable behavior inherent in weather, the equations model the motion of fluid simultaneously heated from the bottom and cooled from the top. " near the top instead of where it is now. I'd also break that up into two sentences and rephrase to make it more clear.

- Anna (6/9)

The differential equations should definitely be displayed but I would like to see the axes on the image corresponding to the differential equation labeled properly since each axis has a physical interpretation. Otherwise, it's just another collection disjointed equations and images.

- Agile (3/17/12)