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Anna 7/9

Two main comments: 1) I don't understand what you're saying here: "This spiral consists of many quarter arcs of a circle radii that are in geometric progression of \varphi. This is not a golden spiral because it was constructed in this manner; the radii themselves are constant. Only at revolutions larger than 90 degrees are the spiral's radii in geometric progression." How are radii constant? That doesn't match with what I'm seeing. 2) The math that starts with "We start with \theta = 0, and increase it by adding pi/2" should maybe be hidden. It might better be introduced by saying *why* you're doing that, such as "to find several r values, we pick different values of theta." or something like that.

Anna 7/7

At the very least, I think you should hide the math in the first portion of the page. I would actually rather see that moved under a more mathematical description heading, given the fact that you are using ln.

I agree with moving the math part into a more mathematical section.

I also think that you need an explanation of why it has a finite length, as opposed to simply stating that fact.

I've added it now.

Ryang1 6/16

The first sentence of the Basic Description does seem a bit redundant: is there something else you need to examine besides "the spiral itself" when you're examining the "logarithmic spiral"? Perhaps you can re-word that phrase with something like, "the mathematical origin of the spiral", or "how the spiral is created graphically". Also, it might be helpful to link to Logarithms somewhere on the page.

Gene 6/16

After "geometric progression" add "as explained below"?

Basic Descript: don't quite understand first sentence. Right under image do you mean "geometric SEQUENCE", same for "arithmetic"?

How about having some of the stuff below the image hidden, e.g. More Details hides stuff from Logarithmic spirals to Variants. But show the word Variants and Golden Spiral (visible) with material below it hidden. Then Other Properties visible with Self-Similiarity visible but stuff below it hidden. Be sure to have Places in Nature visible but stuff below it hidden! (or maybe one image visible?)

[Alan] Picture is crude- modifications to it would be welcome.

Wow, maybe a collaboration with a Drexel student? Gene