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Anna 7/6

When you make the note about Parametric Equations, you should link Brendan's page.


I made it bold to make it look different from the other mouse overs on the page

David 6/30

A couple of things- it would be helpful to state which axis is being rotated about each time. Can an animation be developed that shows the hyperboloid being developed? Lastly, could a mouse over or link be constructed to define a one sheet hyperboloid.

I've incorporated your suggestions in and I'll put your animation idea in the ideas for the future section.
Azhao1 (7/1)

Anna 6/29

Can you tell me why they use that shape for towers? I'm sure there's some reason why it's advantageous to... I'm just not sure what it is.

Not much info on it, but I put what I found.
Azhao1 (7/1)