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Each edge is defined as a group ...

rather than group, "set" would be less confusing to the algebraically minded.

A directed graph or digraph is the same as a graph except the edges have a given direction.

"edges have a given direction" needs a mouseover explaining (you could use more mouseovers throughout).

Please a graph of Seven Bridges of Königsberg, even though this may appear as a separate page.

A 'trip' in the graph of this kind is called a Eulerian circuit.

New paragraph at start of sentence.

Mouseovers illustrating path, trail, closed, etc.

Graphs have many different properties and even more mathematical possibilities.


A few different facets of graph theory is presented below.

are presented


The most famous way is visual representation.

The most famous??

Drawing a graph can give mathematicians

can give one

This representation is good for seeing some overall features, but is lacking in particular mathematical notation or rigor.  ??

The final way to represent a graph

final way ??

Mathematicians frequently derive two different matrices from a graph. They are called

Two matrices associated with a graph are
Don't have time to finish now. Plz tighten up the language which seems to be getting sloppier in this part. Gene

Hey Gene, I believe I made all of these changes, but I'm going to leave them up for now so that I can use them to help me further revise! Jorin 17:13, 18 June 2012 (EDT)

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Basic Description

  • P1S2 I thought an edge connected two vertices, not that it was the set of the two vertices. Note that later in the paragraph you distinguish the set of vertices from the set of edges, further weakening the definition in sentence 2.

A More Mathematical Explanation 2.1 Terminology and Properties: I notice you have a 2.1 without a 2.2. I would eliminate this header and simply make Representations of a Graph into 2.1, making Graph Isomophisms into 2.2, etc.

  • Set Representations
  • Do you need to define or explain 2-tuple or 3-tuple?
    • Last paragraph, S2: What does the word "just" mean? Do you mean you can't use them or you need something in addition?
    • S3: "defined an" should be "defined as an"
  • Visual Representation
    • S1: "most famous way" of what? I assume you mean of representing a graph. Also, I think the word "common" would be better than "famous."
  • Matrix Representation
    • a(i,j) Explain a bit more the part about v(i)v(j) notE E(G). Make clearer to the reader what the "notE" means.