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Abram 7/10

Make the same kind of change as I was suggesting in the arithmetic sequence page.

Anna 7/8

You still had two lost g's in there... I got rid of them.

Anna 7/7

I appreciate the changes that you've made so far. At some point you start talking about a g... I think that's the same as your a, but it's very unclear.

If you're going to hide the algebra, you should hide is separately for the two sums, revealing the two solutions, not just one.

Changes have been made.

Anna 7/6

The word "increasing" at the beginning of the page is misleading. I'd like to see it changed to "changing."

Also, the sentence right after that one is strangely worded, I'd encourage you to look it over with someone else.

If you could hide most of the work for finding the sums (ie by saying "click here to see the sum of a finite geometric series," the page would look much cleaner.

I've also tweaked a couple very small grammatical issues.

Anna 6/26

Can you make it more clear exactly how you're doing the summation?

Lizah 6/16

Hey Alan,

I changed your second sentence from //A few example series are// to //A few examples of sequences are// 'cause you started out talking about sequences and not series.

Just my two cents