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Chris Taranta 7/7

This is a strong wiki. The visual does a nice job in helping the reader immediately grasp the concept and the writing is clear and comprehensible.

Basic Description

  • Sentence 2: Since you say that complex numbers frequently appear in math equations, even in those describing physical systems, it would be great to have an example or two or even a section at the end showing applications of complex numbers.

Anna 6/25

Can you have some of this hidden? It would make the page more readable.

Gene 6/24

I don't think you want to start with "A Cplx No", the same title as your image, maybe leave it off the little section on the left. How about entitling the image "A Complex Number z", and putting z big and forcefully in the picture. At this time it's not clear what in the diagram is your complex number to a naive reader.

"and an "imaginary" part represented by bi", where b is a real number, needs to be added.

Maybe worth another step in the multiplication example where you have the binomials multiplied 3*1 + 3*(-3I) + etc?

magnitude needs to be bold since you're defining it. Be nice to have an image with a note about Pythag Th.

Have Euler's formula actually label the expression, and rewrite so isin(theta) isn't a runon. I'd actually have ths paragraph be a subsection labeled something like "Euler's Formula: complex nos and exponentials--advanced math"

I fixed the word "vectors" so that it links where you want it to.

-Anna (6/9)