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I switched the "should be" in the context requirement back to "is". "Is" language is used throughout the "good writing" section of the page, and I feel like it's highly likely that people will get that because this is a checklist, this "is" refers to a page that is ready to be done, as opposed to a statement that necessarily describes every page as soon as it's been written.

I also feel like suggesting the use of mouse-overs on images as a place to put explanatory text is not a good idea. People are just too unlikely never to roll their mouse over an image. Can we drop this.

Lastly, I'm putting the clarification of motivating context as non-universal in the What Makes A Good Math Images Page page rather than in this page because this is just a checklist without long explanations. (Abram, 6/25/10).

I suggest that the checklist for writing pages begin with the section entitled "Good Writing." The "References and footnotes" and "Messages to the Future" should follow in that order. (Chris Taranta, 6.20.11)

Abram, 6/20: Sounds fine with me. Do you want to change it? I'm also happy to.