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Abram 7/10

"In fact, so long as the absolute difference between the two values to be square rooted is the same integer, the property will hold."

  • What square rooting?
  • also what absolute difference are you talking about?
  • Actually, this sentence and the following equation could probably just be replaced by "the nth term of a sequence is the average of the (n-t)th term and the (n+t)th term".

Anna 7/6

In your last section, I'd take out the word painless... maybe replace it with something else.

Also, in that section, you say "using the fact that a_1" without stating any fact. Your next step is unclear without that statement.

Rather than terms "increasing" don't you want terms "changing"? For e.g. 2, for example.

-Gene 6/28

Changes have been made.

Anna 6/26

Your example doesn't make sense to me. Between 25 and 125, you add 100, but then between 125 and 625 is 500... and it's a geometric series, and not the series you gave as series 1. You also need to fix your formula. It should be a_n=a_0+d*n.

Once you've made the basic math revisions to the page, we can work on style changes.

Changes have been made.