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[Note: this was made up as a two-sided 8.5x11 document, with image size matching the text]

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The Math Images Project: Possible Summer Employment —Freshmen and Sophomores included! You’ve probably seen the images flowing by on the computer screen in the Math Department hallway outside Room 145. If you click on an image you arrive at this beta version of the Math Images site:

The project’s goal is to give undergraduates interested in math (and science and education) an opportunity to learn some math by writing about it, while creating a site that’s interesting to visitors from many backgrounds, and broadens their understanding of what mathematics is all about. In particular, we’re interested in providing summer work for students in their first two years, including women and minorities, at a time when finding interesting and educational employment can be difficult.

Last summer we had a National Science Foundation grant to support the work of Swarthmore students, along with some CS students from Drexel, who helped by working together to create other images and software to help explain the images being written about by the Swarthmore students. It seems to have worked out very well, and we’ve submitted a proposal to include some other institutions as well. Unfortunately, we won’t hear about funding in time for this summer, so we’re scrambling around to get some funds from Swarthmore and elsewhere so we can continue the work this summer.

If you’re possibly interested in this project should some funds become available, please let me know and I’ll send you a very brief form to fill out.

You don’t need to have any particular math background, but should have taken a couple courses at Swarthmore.

You'll note that the web site uses the same sort of software as Wikipedia, chosen because it's attractive, easy to use, and will allow other people to contribute information and images—interacting with these people should also be a good educational experience.

Basically, we hope that pages, as is the case with Wikipedia, will grow substantial material over time, even different approaches and interactive educational experiences.

Aside from myself, Swarthmore folks who will be involved include Steve Maurer as writing specialist and coach, Ann Renninger of Education, who will do evaluation, and a recent graduate to generally help the student workers. Steve will be the official supervisor.

Please feel free to meet with me and discuss the project further.

--Gene Klotz, Science Center 140, eklotz1, X8243