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Note: "I" refers to Abram. "You" refers to Gene. [As usual, Gene's responses are in brackets in boldface]

Let’s make this go live

The overall network of pages we have created is really good. I think it’s time we replaced the content of the existing main help page with the contents of the Proposed Help Page (and had the Proposed Help Page redirect here). We can also go ahead and replace the content of the Tour with the content of the Proposed Tour (ditto on the redirect).

Thoughts on specific pages

Proposed Help Page:

- looks great [It's good]

Proposed Tour:

- There are a lot of threads on the discussion page. Most of them basically say, “Gene, it seems like we’ve found a solution. Do you agree?” So you can see if you agree.

[Basically, fine. I'll check with Amir about making links of the sidebar subsections.]

- A few of the threads refer to issues that I was going to deal with. You can deal with them, or if they don’t happen for a while, it’s probably not a big deal.

Page Building Help:

- There are a few minor threads on the discussion page that require action from me, which hopefully I will get to, but if I don’t, it’s probably not a big deal.

[Plz look over my comments on your comments on the Discussion pg. I think things are pretty much together.]

- The whole discussion about “pages needing....” belongs on the “Listing Pages by Quality and Completeness” (see below).

Listing Pages By Quality and Completeness:

- This is something that I will give some attention to, as I have half-formed thoughts that I hope will be useful if I think them through but are not super useful right now. I’m hoping I can wait to think about this until around the middle of March.

[I have a couple comments on Discuss pg]

Swarthmore Summer Research Orientation:

- There are a few changes I would like to make, that will be as easy for me to do as to try to explain. But none of them are major, so if they can wait until mid-March that would be great.

From a Bunch of Old Timers:

- is almost in good shape as a page for the general public. There are just one or two references that wouldn’t be meaningful to the general public, and should be removed.

- the “examples of pages” should be moved to the discussion about listing pages by quality and completeness

General tasks anyone can do

Here are a few easy if mildly tedious tasks that anyone can do.

- Proofread all our new pages*. A lot of this content is a first draft of mine that you have looked at 0 - 1 times, so I’m pretty sure there are plenty of typos.

[I hope to get Richard Tchen to do a proofread when we're pretty much finished.]

- Anywhere that text in new pages refers to the “Proposed Help Page” or “Proposed Tour”, the text should say “Help Page” or “Tour” (or “Tour of the Math Images Project”). The link itself can be to the Proposed versions, though if we go ahead and replace the content of the existing versions with the Proposed versions, we can link directly to the real deal.

- Minor edits to the pages that you have indicated with boldface inserts and strikethrough deletions can be fully incorported into the text. I wasn’t offended by any of them :)

  • Note: all our new pages can be reached by link-hopping starting at the Proposed Help Page, with the exception of the Swarthmore Summer Research Orientation and one or two of its children.

And one major task:

- Create a central summer research portal, which will include links to Swarthmore Summer Research Orientation and (perhaps placeholders for) parallel pages for our partners. Maybe it should also include links to major MI pages, but maybe not.

Tasks you have to do

-Respond to or look over the threads in all our new pages’ discussion pages

- Maybe that’s it

Tasks I have to do

- Find orphaned text: there are some places where the page had very similar text in two different places and in the new organization scheme I only took one version. Sometimes, the alternate version had something to offer. I should at least track down and organize that abandoned text even if I don’t myself consider it. - Respond to threads in our new pages’ discussion pages, though the tasks I’ve left myself there are all minor. - work on Listing Pages by Quality and Completeness. This will take some serious thought. - tie up other loose ends. I know I had other ideas / thoughts/ projects I’ve begun that should be tied up to be made useful for other people, but if these all wait for a while, it won’t be a problem.

Tasks one of the two of us has to do

- Document all this in a more organized way in the Reorganizing the Guides page so that other people can know what’s going on, and participate.