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Welcome to the Swarthmore Summer 09 Entry to the Math Image site!

The writing guide has been rolled into the help documents under the New User Guide's 'Want to Contribute?' section.


Keeping Track of Pages. Discussion Pages. Decisions to be Made

Latest pleas

Good Examples of Interactive Pages/Programs

Drexel-Swat Partnering

Fall 09 page editing

Keith's Corner

  • Home for the summer, feel free to email me if you need anything

Maria's Stuff

for other things I've done, check out my user page by clicking the "Maria's Stuff" link above

  • Setting up the wiki to prepare for Java Applets and Flash stuffs...
  • Created the option of not hiding the "More Mathematical Explanation..." by adding "|HideMME =" No to the page.
  • Created a HideSwitch template which you input one set of text that you want shown by default and a second thing you want to show when they click the [show] button have it switch between the two.

Lizah Masis

Anna's Pages:

Julia Sets

Riemann Sphere

Iterated Functions

Page Duplicates with extra stuff

Rebekah's pages:

All of my "Ready for Public" have been edited "Ready" on the template and all have cleared discussion pages.

Brendan John

Vector Fields Ready for Public

Divergence Theorem Ready for Public

Complex Numbers Ready for Public

Vector Ready for Public.

Parametric Equations Ready for Public

Chryzodes Ready for Public

Basis of Vector Spaces Note:this page is now defunct, I'll be making a new page or two based on it.

Modular arithmetic Ready for Public

Four Color Theorem Ready for Public

Projection of a Torus has comments

Stereographic Projection Ready for Public

Gradients and Directional Derivatives Ready for Public

Change of Coordinate Systems

Polar Coordinates Ready for Public

Parabolic Reflector Abram made three comments (7/10, 2:45 pm)


Partial derivative Abram and Anna agree on a couple small problems we discussed out loud (7/10)

Alan Zhao

Sierpinski's Triangle Ready for Public Abram made one last minor comment, but it's no big deal if it doesn't get addressed

Limit Ready for Public

Hyperboloid Ready for Public

Lévy's C-curve Ready for Public

Taylor Series Anna has left comments she wants addressed.

Lorenz Attractor Anna has left comments, but she'd rather you work on other pages first.

Cantor Set Ready for Public

Golden Ratio

Deterministic system Ready for Public

Chaos Anna has edited

Logarithmic Spirals Ready for Public

Arithmetic Sequence Ready for Public

Geometric Sequence Ready for Public

Seven Bridges of Königsberg Ready for Public

Three Cottages Problem Ready for Public

Tanya Rosenblut

MaeBeth's Pages

Dual Polyhedron Ready for Public

Inversion in progress (06/19/09) (Drexel)

Problem of Apollonius in progress

Ford Circles in progress

Tesseract in progress

Hypercube in progress