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This is a sample of what part of a discussion page might look like.

For exciting real examples of discussion pages from last year, when everything was done in writing, see:

Basic description

Bob, 6/9:

The opening paragraph should make it clearer what the page will be about. The first paragraph seems to talk about X, while the second seems to talk about Y.

Sue, 6/10:
I added a transition sentence to clarify that X gives rise to Y, which is what the page really focuses on.
Bob, 6/10:
Looks good

More mathematical explanation


Allison, 6/15:

You've used some variables that you haven't explicitly defined. We can talk about them one by one, or you can just find them.

Sue, 6/15:
I think I've defined them all now.
Allison, 6/16:
Looks good, except your definition of R_n is hard to understand. How about wording it as...
Sue, 6/17:

Dave and Sue, 6/4:

We discussed in person how parts of the page seem extremely rigorous, while other parts seem much less so.

Dave and Sue, 6/7:
We discussed how the proof of Eq. 1 still has a lot of assumptions, and agreed on which assumptions should be better justified.
Dave, 6/8:
This all looks good now.

Subsection 2

Mary and Sue, 6/13:

Mary pointed out typos in Eqns 3 - 5, and Sue fixed them. We also discussed some small wording issues. One example was changing "xxx" to "yyy"