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(Using Monty Hall Problem)

References and Footnotes

I've cited all of my images (you'll see it if you click on them--not on the main page. I didn't want to clutter things) that I found online and put a list of the websites as used as references at the bottom of the page

Context I provide a context by explaining the history of the problem.

  • I talk about the TV show
  • I talk about the article in the magazine
  • I talk about the relationship to other problems (eg the Monkeys)

Quality of Prose

My subsections all start out with a summary and clearly state the main point of each section and why it's related to the Monty Hall Problem There's really only one "heavy math" part and it takes up my entire more mathematical description.

Integration of Images

I include pictures in all of my subsections. The majority of these pictures are to directly aid the explanation, such as the "win-lose-lose" pictures used to show the possible cases.


I describe how it's connected to probability and to Baye's theorem (This note would be more helpful if it also included "I looked for other connections and didn't find any others that wouldn't feel really forced")


My page contains the main example of the problem, as well as several similar examples including the m&m's example.

I go through the calculation with Baye's theorem and I also provide a deductive proof using the images.

Mathematical Accuracy and Precision of Language

I've defined all important terms (including describing the "doors" by using images). I also had Prof Maurer read through the page and he agrees that it's clear enough


I've gone through these issues, and tried to distribute my pictures to break up the big chunks of text in a good way.