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Please use the Discussion page (tab above) for questions and comments (or this page)


Updates from Maria:
  • (7/16) - As you finish your pages, change Image Description at the top of the page to Image Description Ready. This will make it so that your images appear in the slideshow, the Thumbnail Gallery, the front page, etc.!
Request from Abram:
  • (7/18) - Please use the draft checklist for finishing pages to review one of your pages, and see if it is useful, what it seems to be missing, how it could be more helpful, etc. Becky noticed that some items on this list under the "good writing" section are useful for a final look-over of the page, while other items are important in the middle of the writing process, but not so useful at the end. If you agree, make a note of which items seem to fall under which category for you.

List of tasks for the summer

Feel free to move this list to its own page, reformat, edit, etc. (Abram, 7/18)

I feel that items in italics are pretty necessary, while other items would be nice to get done. But I have my biases.

Wrapping up this summer's work

  • Write HHMI letter

  • Heed Maria's request, above

  • On pages that are not being finished this summer:
    • Add directions for future work
    • Put up big flags where stuff is messy
    • Add notes to the top of the discussion page if you want (someone -- no need for you to do it -- will eventually move the summer's feedback somewhere else, so that the discussion page actually becomes a page for the public)

Feedback-related stuff

  • Evaluate and make suggestions on the draft checklist for finishing pages (see request from Abram, above)
  • Summarize comments / suggestions you had for each other on the discussion pages.

Stuff for the public audience

  • Edit homepage / nav bar
Ideas for the main page
  • Create a tour (unless editing the homepage replaces this)

Make sure the stuff from New User Guide is in the tour.

Here is the link to our Tour the Math Images Project

finish addressing all comments on the tour.

Stuff for future writers (these items seem like a good idea and won't take too long)

  • Start the S11 page: general things everyone agrees is important, plus things that individuals have figured out
  • Update the Wiki Tricks page
Customized hide/show
Anchoring images
easy mouseovers
  • Somewhere describe the issues that make image layout tricky, both issues that have been resolved and issues that haven't (maybe this takes too long)

More stuff for future writers (these ideas might be stupid and/or might take too long to be worth it)

  • Possibly restructure Wiki Tricks page to separate things most pages will need from obscure things only a few pages will need
  • Describe important things we've learned about how to use different software to create images
  • Consolidate / move auxiliary pages (for example, think of the pages linked to at the bottom of the page: are they useful, where should they be, should they be consolidated with other pages such as the "help" page linked to on the navbar)

Current Student Directions

  • Becky
    • Buffon's Needle Done for the summer.
    • Brouwer Fixed Point Theorem Sent this page to Dr. Maurer for a final read 7/9
    • The Monty Hall Problem I went through this page with the "Draft check lest for finishing pages" today. I think it was really helpful, and I'm feeling like the page is almost finished. Can someone give it another read? 7/13 I looked over the page again. I'd suggest working a bit more on the Monkeys section. Otherwise, I think this page is just about done. (Anna 7/14) I responded to all current threads of discussion. At this point, there's no need to put up any new threads. (Abram, 7/14)
    • Cardioid Working on Xingda's comments 7/14
  • Iris
    • Fibonacci Numbers finished, except for adding references
    • Prime Spiral I made some changes to Abram's latest comments. some were hard to do so I just left it as it is. I'm done with this page, except for references
    • Difference Table Iris(7/19) Addressed all of Abram's comments. This page is done:)
    • Pascal's Triangle I put up some ideas to get you started. (Abram, 7/15) Iris(7/15) I started working on Abram's comments. When you are giving me feedback on this page Abram, just ignore the image numbering for now. I'll have to go back to it later.
Almost finished pages Current Status Old Status
Straight Line and its construction Updated (Xingda 7/22) Updated and online now (Xingda 7/20). There are a couple more comments and a couple old comments up, but the page is overall good, and all other tasks are higher priority. (Abram, 7/21) I have updated the page according to Iris's and Becky's response and Anna and Abram's comments. (Xingda 7/15) I've responded to the responses and cleaned up the discussion page to make it easier to see what's going on. (Abram, 7/16) I found a great way to label images but there is a template problem that Maria needs to fix. (Xingda, 7/7) Looks like most of the comments on the discussion page have been addressed. We talked in person about hiding or removing secondary content. This will be a major project. (Abram, 7/8) I hid those stuff and made footnotes whose syntax does not work. There is something wrong with the template which only Maria can fix who is not answering my SOS calls...Otherwise I think this page is all good. (Xingda, 7/9) I have given some "finishing touch" level comments (Anna 7/14) I have given some comments that are not "finishing touch", though I see major improvements. (Abram, 7/14)
Compass&Straightedge Construction and the Impossible Construction Updated(Xingda 7/22) Updated and online now (Xingda 7/20). There are a couple more comments and a couple old comments up, but the page is overall good, and all other tasks are higher priority. (Abram, 7/21) I checked the page against the checklist page and also give it one last read and made some changes. I also did the footnotes and awaiting the footnote syntax to work. I envision that there will be no major operations so I am sending this to Prof. Maurer for the final say. (Xingda, 7/13) Some new comments are up. I'm not imagining many more in the future, though probably a couple. (Abram, 7/19) Updated. The maths are all good. Please check clarity of explanation. (Xingda, 7/8) There are lots more comments up, but this *is* converging towards a nice product. (Abram, 7/11)
Pages in Progress Current Status Old Status
Parameterization of lines, surfaces and solids Have written future directions. Should this page continue, some major operations need to be done. I will re-start this on Monday. Any suggestion on what to put there? Abram, you said you had some good ideas about it? Xingda 7/9Taking a break from this page and will be back to do it some time later.
Logarithmic Scale and the Slide Rule I have added footnotes and future directions Updated. More Comments are welcome(Xingda 6/30)
The Logarithms, Its Discovery and Development I have added footnotes and future directions Working on this and there seems to be something missing. It either I made a mistake somewhere or John Napier did. I will see. The numbers are giving me a headache. Also, i think we should mark this as a college level page. It is not that the maths are hard to understand. It is really not. The numbers seem too intimidating. Xingda 7/8This is a branch off page from Logarithmic Scale and the Slide Rule. made great progress today. still working on this as i fine tune the previous pages. please check math and formatting. give comments on layout as well. Xingda 7/6. I'm putting my attention into your other pages for the moment. I hope to get to this, but it could take some time. (Abram, 7/6)

Experiments by Steve Maurer

  • Smtest   (the format for equation numbering, when we need to number, that it looks like we will use.)

Links for problems

More Useful Pages for S10

Meeting of 6/29

Meeting of 6/22

Meeting of 6/18