Quickie Help in Editing the Wiki

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If you're signed on and want to edit, you'll have [edit] on the right at the beginning of subsections, and an edit tab at the top of each page. Click where you wish to edit.

A good place to play and experiment is in your Username page. The Username you've chosen begins as a blank page–to access just click on it at the very top of this (or any) page.

You get a box with some symbols at the top, boldface, italics (both of which just use groups of single quotes), etc. Type away.

If you want to obtain a special effect and you've seen it on the wiki, to to that spot and click the edit tab, and you'll see how to do it--you can even copy and paste to your desired location and change to your wording.

If you don't know where you can find what you want to do, there are lots of resources previous students have developed. [Maria, can you list a couple faves?]

Some disasters you might wish to avoid. (AKA mistakes I like to make). To check out what you've done, click the 'Show preview' button at the bottom of the page--but don't forget to click 'Save page' when you're done with it. AND when you do Save, don't use your back button or you'll undo it—good idea to keep a tab with the main page you're working on so you can go there. [Other real helpful stuff, Maria, that you've observed others make--you're a Programmer so don't make them yourself.]