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Getting Started

For a good overview of the project as a whole, see the Tour of the Math Images Project. This page may be especially useful for new users or anyone who would like to start contributing for the first time or in a new way to the Math Images Project.

Finding Images or Learning Mathematics

If, like many users, you are using the site to find interesting images or learn interesting mathematics, the Tour has everything you need to get started.

Commenting on, Creating or Editing Pages

See the Page Building Help page to learn about commenting on, creating or editing pages.

Discussing mathematics or math images

See the Discussing Math and Images page to learn how to participate in discussions about content on this site or about math or computer science in general.

Think about the site as a whole

See the Site Development Help page to learn how to leave general feedback on the Math Images website or to participate in discussions or projects aimed at improving this webiste as a whole.

Use the site as part of a class

Coming soon.