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We have started an SVN source code repository hosted by GoogleCode for the examples used on the Math Images pages.

Developers can post, contribute, learn, borrow, and extend the software that was used to make images, animated GIFs, videos, and applets for the Math Images pages. Organizationally, we have a top level "page_code" directory, and the plan is to create a new, appropriately-named subdirectory under page_code for each page that has software to share.

This repository can be used for a variety of programming languages, e.g., C++, Java, Flex, etc.

The code in the repository is distributed under the New FreeBSD license. All code hosted by GoogleCode must be open-source, but I believe we can use a combination of open-source licenses if necessary.

The repository is open to the public, and anyone can download a read-only copy of the repository. To contribute to an existing project within the repository or add a new project to the repository, contact one of the administrators (me for now, let me know if you want to be an admin too) to be added to the contributor list. If you already have a gmail account, please send me that email address. Alternatively, I believe you can also connect & contribute to GoogleCode with any other email account, just send me your preferred email account.

Barb, 6/22