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Subject: People love Math Images site. Email of 11/09

Hi Student Math Images developers,

I want to tell you that the site goes over really well at conferences. I took it to the Math Fest conference in Portland in August and showed it live. Good responses including several mathematicians who would like to work with students at their institutions. Also showed it at a meeting of the special interest group for using the web for teaching math. Again, very positive responses and also a nice writeup in their recent newsletter.

Last week I went to DC for the annual NSDL conference and took a poster. I used you guy's poster, but changed the words in the margins to speak to NSDL interests. The poster will be put on the NSDL conference site, and also a great new CS site called Ensemble, the new CS NSDL entry that uses Second Life as a tool (some of you Drexel folk's software tools may show up there as well) http://www.computingportal.org/site/home I also gave a talk about Math Image live. Very nice responses including some from folks who'd already seen the site--Keith and Maria have it set up so info about every completed page can be easily sent to the NSDL repository. People really like the images, the writeups, the helping software, and the site design.

Thanks and congratulations to you all!