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Starting a new image page

Check for redundancy

Before creating a page, use the search box in the left-hand side bar to see what content is already on the site about your topic. It is possible that the page you have in mind or a very similar page already exists.

To start creation of a new page, in the navigation bar on the left-hand side of the page, click Create an Image Page in the Create or Edit a Page section. Enter the name of the Image Page you would like to create, such as Prime numbers, and then click add or edit. You will be directed to a new page that helps you to create an Image Page.

A warning banner near the top of this new page will let you know if there is already an existing image page by that name. If you see this banner, do NOT use this form to edit the page. Instead, go to the page, see what is already there, and then edit it if you would like using the instructions above.

Using the form to create your page

If your page is indeed new, you will see a form in create an image page where you will upload your name and your image and write the content of the page.

The form has the following fields:

  • Image Title: This should be the title of the image. This title also appears as the title in the Thumbnail Gallery, so the image title does not necessarily have to be the same as the page title. The title can be made interesting to grab the attention of readers.
  • File: Here, click the Upload a Math Image link. A pop-up form will appear, prompting you to upload your math image to the site.
  • Short Description: This is a short description (1 or 2 sentences) of the main image
  • Basic Explanation: See the Tour. This is a major section of the pag.
  • More Detailed Explanation: See the Tour. This is a major section of the page.
  • Image's Field of Mathematics: This allows you to select the fields of mathematics to which the uploaded image belongs (the first one should be the primary one, i.e. the field under which the image will appear in the thumbnail gallery and slideshow).
  • Why interesting: See the Tour. This is a major section of the page.
  • References: See the Tour
  • Things This Page Needs in the Future: Leave a note to future users who are willing to edit the page. You can leave suggestions for future directions or any other ideas you have about the page that you think might be useful.
  • Is This Page a Work in Progress: Although we feel all pages are technically works in progress indefinitely, please check this box when the page still requires significant contributions.

The picture below shows where on the page some of these sections might appear.


Making the page go live

At any time, you can click the "Show Preview" button at the bottom of the page, to see what your page will look like. Click on the "Save Page" button when you are ready for your page to go live.

Avoiding the hassles of the form environment

Writing a lot of text or doing complicated formatting can be frustrating in the form setting. You can always save a page with very little content, and then immediately begin editing it.

Starting a new helper page

Creating a Helper Page, unlike creating an Image Page, does not require a form. You can create a helper page while you are working on an Image Page. You can simply include, in the text of your image page:

[[Title of the helper page]]

Once the page is saved, your Image Page will have a link, Title of the helper page. If the link is blue (or purple), this Helper Page already exists, and clicking on the link will take you to the page. If the link is red, this Helper Page doesn't yet exist, and clicking on the link will direct you to a page that lets you create it. No template is assigned for helper pages. Once you save your new Helper Page, it now exists, and all links to the page will be updated to blue.

Technical Help for content writing

You can refer to Technical References for technical help writing your content. The Wiki Tricks page is especially helpful in keeping formatting and layout clean and consistent with the rest of the Math Images site.