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Our students: Iris Hee Rhang Yoon, Xingda Zhai, Becky Painter
Old timers who might show up: Rebekah Yang, Alan Zaho, Keith Blaha
(Old timers unlikely to show up: Liza Masis, Tanya Rosenblut, Brendon John, Maria Kelly)
Staff: Abram Lipman, Anna Phillips; Faculty: Renninger, Maurer, Klotz

May 12

  1. The Math Images Project, overview, goals, where we are.
  2. Brief browse of site, including front page, with just a waive at some parts. A bit about the left navbar, in particular Math Image Tools, Math for Computer Graphics, Interaction section, Support section (Helper Pages in particular).
  3. Signing on and distribution of names and passwords (to be changed today!) A wee look at editing. Play on your User Page.
Students explore! (and ask questions)

May 13 (time to be decided)

  1. Student questions and comments. Student's roles. Sources of images. Sources of pages for this summer.
  2. Brief discussion of writing Math Images pages.
  3. Anna's "Pages Needing Work", "High School Level Pages", remember also Helper Pages in the left navbar.

Students continue to explore and come up with ideas for a trial page or so. Abram works with students.

End with time for questions and sharing trial page ideas.

Friday June 4, 2:30

  1. Show and tell by students
  2. Wiki "features" that need to be fixed
    1. Can't mouseover math
    2. TOC doen't work when an item is hidden
  3. Discussion of math labeling convention. (Given that wikis don't center displays, the usual numbering on the right doesn't work well).)
  4. Determine a standard software for doing animations. Case of Iris's fibonacci sum animations. Features we need. What software will do them and can be used publicly.
  5. Add your items here..... (Abram added proper use of the discussion pages)

Meeting of 6/18

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