Meeting of 6/22

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This was Steve's last in-person meeting and we made sure we know what to expect from him. In particular, he'll need to take perhaps a week to respond to non-urgent emails. We hope to have his fairly prompt feedback on the wiki our last week here when we attempt to pull together some of the issues we've begun investigating.

Good news that Anna will be generally available online in July.

Much of our time was spent investigating Abram's checklist draft. He will revise and repost, and although we cannot expect overall consensus, it should be a very good basis for later discussion.

As usual, in presenting some of their work and their concerns, the students managed to come up with issues worthy of our common concern. In particular, Becky and Iris have needs for numbering and referencing their images about which they will talk with Maria.

In addition, the "Why Is This Interesting" need and organization was discussed. Most of us believe that this is an important section for most pages, although its position might change. Becky is going to talk with Maria about having the section be toggled in the template.

Gene and Abram will check out Xingda's compass and straightedge construction page, which Steve feels is too textbooky and in need of different organization.

Our next meeting is scheduled for Tues at 2:30.