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Field: Fractals
Image Created By: Dan Kuzmenka
Website: Mathematical Imagery


Mateko uses different color palettes than image designer Dan Kuzmenka's usual earth tones. He uses fractals to express a spiral without showing the same shape over again.

Basic Description

Mateko is a word invented by its author, who maintains a personal challenge to find new ways of expressing spirals as the most important fractal icons without showing the same shape time and time again. For this image he experimented with different color palettes and ways to combine them before the colors we now see appeared; these colors are unusual for Dan Kuzmenka, who usually uses warmer colors and earth tones.

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About the Creator of this Image

Dan Kuzmenka is a North American researcher in the field of chemistry. Like many other scientists, Dan discovered fractal geometry in 1985 reading an article in the magazine Scientific American, although it wasn't until 1999 that he began to create his first fractal images.

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