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Thanks for your participation in this study. A couple quick notes before you get started on your page:


The page you are about to read doesn't contain include much heavy mathematical terminology, but here are two terms that are helpful to know.

  • A divisor or factor of x is a number that “goes evenly into” x. For instance, 6 is a divisor of 30, but 7 is not a divisor of 30, and 30 is not a divisor of 6.
  • A multiple of x is a number that x “goes into evenly”. For instance, 20 is multiple of 5, but 20 is not a multiple of 3, and 5 is not a multiple of 20.

Mouse-overs and Links

Two possibly helpful features of these pages that people don't always notice are mouse-overs and links.

  • Mouse-overs: A few words in the page appear green. If you move your mouse arrow over that text, a pop-up window with some additional pictures or information will appear, like in this example.
  • Links: When text appears blue or purple, it contains a link. Clicking on it will take you to another location on the page or to another page. After following a link, you can click the back arrow in your browser window to return to your original location. The link below, for instance, takes you to the page you are going to read.

Thanks again. You can now proceed to the Math Images page.