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This truck was enjoyed by Steve Weimar, who had the udon noodles. Notice the vegetarian entries under bibimbap (edamame and tofu) and under udon noodles (veggie).

"It's no wonder Jin Jang's Kami cart is twinned on the Arch Street sidewalk beside her mentor Kim's. But if Spot is mustard-yellow, her Kami cart is a vivid gochujang red - a perfect emblem of the classic Korean spice that infuses her menu. Sort of. Her take on bibimbap is as traditional as it gets, with grilled spicy pork atop fluffy rice pinwheeled with colorful veggies. But her Korean "cheesesteak" is anything but normal. The meat is bulgogi beef and onions marinated with sesame, soy, garlic, Asian pear, and Sprite (for "tenderness"). And then the unlikely: cream cheese. It melts. It flows. It works. Really!"


(More for ordering than for eating:) https://twitter.com/KAMI19104 [need time and number] kamiphiladelphia@gmail.com