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Impossible Geometry of M.C. Escher
Escher relativity.jpg
Field: Geometry
Image Created By: Lizah Masis
Website: [1]

Impossible Geometry of M.C. Escher

This image was created by the artist M. C. Escher

Basic Description

This image mirrors the depths of artistic creativity combined with mathematical abstractness. M.C. Escher(1898-1972)in this image depicted distorted geometry by presenting infinite planes on a two dimensional plane, making it an impossible reality. If you look closely at the image and imagine being in the house after it has been built, there are a few things you will notice that are not quite right. Imagine standing at one place in the house and watching people move about. At one time, they will be straight up on the floor, but as they climb to higher storeys, it will look like they are walking upside down or on the walls, which is a practical impossibility. Also, although the people climbing the stairs will seem to be ascending, they will actually always remain on the same storey. This image goes beyond the third dimension, showing three different worlds on a two dimensional plane as if they were continuously existing.

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