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What the Page's Tabs Mean

In addition to the typical MediaWiki tabs, our wiki has some extra tabs. Here is a description of the special tabs our site has:

  • The 'slideshow' tab, which brings a slideshow over the page you are currently viewing (see the list below, under Browsing the Images, for more information on using the slideshow)
  • The 'ask dr. math' tab, which lets you ask Dr. Math Images questions about any math images you have problems understanding, and also contains answers to previous questions asked about the math image of the page you're on
  • The 'edit with form' tab, which allows users to easily edit pages that use forms to create the page (such as our math image pages)
  • The 'refresh' tab refreshes the page you are on

Browsing the Images

The wiki's slideshow, which can be reached by clicking the slideshow tab above, is the most streamlined way to view many images, which are organized by the field of mathematics to which they belong. We recommend you try it out, if you haven't already, since it is the best feature of this site! [According to its creator.]

How to Use the Slideshow

  • Click on the "slideshow" tab at the top of the page to begin the slideshow
  • Select a gallery to determine which images are displayed, based on the field (or you can select to see all images, regardless of field)
    • You can later change the gallery you are viewing by clicking "Gallery Selections" in the upper left corner of the slideshow
  • Click on the image itself to go to the image's page
  • Click "Math Images Home" at the bottom of the slideshow to return to the Main Page
  • Click "Close" in the lower right corner to close the slideshow and return to the page you began watching the slideshow on

The Thumbnail Gallery

Another quick way to see many images is to go to the Thumbnail Gallery (which is always accessible from the navigation menu in the sidebar). The thumbnail gallery features thumbnails of images, which can be sorted by their field of mathematics. The main page of the gallery only shows 5 images per category (field or author) at a time, but you can see the rest of the thumbnails for that type by clicking on the category itself (for example, click on the title "Fractals" to see the rest of the fractal thumbnails).

Other Ways to Browse Images

There are more manual ways to search for images as well. If you are looking for a particular image and you know its name, simply type the name into the Search box on the sidebar. If you are looking for images by a certain author, you can browse an alphabetical list of authors here. Typing the author's name into the search bar will also get you a list of image pages by that author. You may also search by field, which sorts the image pages into the categories of math to which they come from. All of these options are also listed under the "Browse images by..." section on the sidebar. Don't forget you can always just jump in and go to a random page... however not all of these will be images pages! You can also browse the Community Portal for images other users have posted about and take a look at the image.