Gene email of 6/2 expressing concern about identifying users, listing Swarthmore students, and mentioning that we'd been spammed

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Glad you folks are getting on board--lots of valuable things to be done! I fear we need to coordinate things a bit, however. We're encountering activities on the site by users we can't identify. Some good additions to pages, but some spam as well (Viagra, anyone?) Then the site was down today after somebody did something inappropriate to the main page; we're still investigating.

It would help us identify spammers if we had a complete list of all students working on the project. Such a list would also facilitate productive communication between our students. For example, some Swarthmore students have been making notes on discussion pages, e.g. there's one on the Sine Curve page, since we're running into some overlap--great for working together, but I guess we need to be able to identify who's who.

As a start, below we list the Swarthmore students, their email addresses, and their usernames. Naturally, it wouldn't be cool to post this online, but we faculty should have and share discretely with students. Other folks involved with the project are also listed.

We've found that working together online can be a valuable experience, so we should look for ways to foster this. We have a rough-and-tumble page dedicated to Swarthmore, summer '11, S11. We might want to develop a more universal "Summer 11" page containing a section for each institution, in which students list what they're up to and what they're thinking of doing. (Perhaps have them introduce themselves with a sentence or so, but mainly communicate by usernames.) Make sense? Please give me your ideas and I'll draft something up, or feel free to come up with an even better idea and we'll do that!

We have a student who's worked for me before and who knows how to deal with spam issues, and she'll be able to help us with that. However, there are some nice educational opportunities we should take advantage of, too.

Looking forward to hearing from you, Gene


Swarthmore summer students, their email addresses, and their usernames

Katherine Derosier '14 <>, Kderosier Ibidayo Fayanju '14 <>, Ifayanj Harrison M. Tasoff <>, Htasoff Leah Jean-Louis '14 <>, Ljeanlo1 Richard G. Scott <>, Rscott3 Diana Lantz Patton <>, Dpatton1

Three students who worked for us last year and are also sometimes helping out and making

comments this year Rebecca Anne Painter <>, Rebecca Iris Hee Rhang Yoon <>, Iris Xingda Zhai <>, Xingda

Ann Renninger's assistants

Abram Lipman <>, Abram Anna Phillips <>, AnnaP