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There are numerous food trucks within a couple blocks of the Forum. We've chosen 5 which are highly considered by Forum cognoscenti, and we can add (or subtract) more as needed. Each of these trucks serves delicious food, including some fine vegetarian food. The only problem with the food trucks is that they're not always in the same location each Thursday (but these trucks are pretty good).

We'll go out to two of the trucks each week and bring back your orders (and you can always send Gene your changes in interest).

Pitruco Pizza

Ranch Road Tacos (Not here this coming Thursday)

Street Food [Hasn't been around for two weeks, but Amir knows the owner and will check for us].

Spot (Alas, no veggie options--vegetarians made a fuss about cooking their stuff on the same pots that had cooked meat.)

Kami Korean

What you need to do:

We need for you to look over the menus and give us a couple suggestions you'd like to try from each truck (if each truck has things you'd like to eat). We need selections from each one in case some are not here that week. Please do this and mail to Gene BEFORE NEXT WEDNESDAY!

Note that all trucks have beverages, and the Forum also has water, tea, and coffee.