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Note when you've made edits by doing a bullet point underneath the page, just to keep things a bit tidier.

So far, notes from Anna are in purple and notes from Abram are in green. . Pick a color when you comment!

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  • Anna has thoroughly attacked this page. I'm hesitant to add more content to the page, even though I feel like it could use it, given that finding more information would take a long time. I feel like the content that there, though, has now been explained, something that was not previously true about this page. (10/15) Is this page ready?

Pages with editing in progress

  • Anna has made edits. (10/22)
  • Anna has made edits and left comments 10/16.
  • Anna has left comments 10/15.
woohoo, my algebra is finally working. How many of the circles should I calculate? I can easily do 1 or 2 more (depending on how many computation errors I make), but I really don't want to do it all 8 times... 11/4.
Anna's ready for comments 11/6 .

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