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Schedule for Summer 2012:

  • Generally 9-5 M-F with national holidays
  • Friday pizza lunches, except first lunch on Monday May 21
– First pizza lunch: show and tell
– Other pizza lunches: software introductions (as requested), special issues
  • Science for Kids (SFK)
– Starts June 25
– Science 1 and 2: Mondays through Thursdays from 11:30-12:30
– Science 3: Mondays through Thursdays from 1:30-2:30.
– Alternate Thursdays starting June 28: lunch meeting of all college student helpers in the SFK to review the curriculum and discuss where the math is in the work that is being undertaken.)

Math Image participants will each:

  • Write at least 5 pages: they will pick up and finish 2 pages that someone had started but are unfinished, 1 that has content for high school level students, and 2 that are on topics that they would like to explore and they start from scratch. It is OK for pages to be undertaken collaboratively.
  • Consult with Steve about their initial plan for working on a page, and once they have a go-ahead will within 5 days
  • Identify and begin consulting with a Feedback Team that will consist of:
– 1 senior math person (Steve, Gene, Chris, or Cammie)
– either Diana or Xingda,
– two peers at Swarthmore,
– one person from another school (e.g., Sweet Briar).
The Feedback Team will provide feedback on the page individually and in a group on all iterations of the page. It is the responsibility of Team members to do this on a timely basis so that projects are not delayed. A different Feedback Team will be identified for each page on which a person is working. In other words, a different person should be selected for each of the identified roles, although Diana will be doing most of the senior student support.
  • Following the first Feedback Team meeting for a page, identify and post needed support from a computer science (CS) person, allowing a CS person to sign on to provide support.