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MathImages 2014 Writing Work Early Ideas, May 16, 2014

After going over my notes of our conversations and reading the research material sent to me by Ann, I’ve set down a few ideas below about what is unique about the Math Images approach and how that can be useful to educators trying to implement such an approach in working with students of mathematics.

Goals of the Math Images Program

  • Expose students to authoring their own content using the visual as a hook; particularly good for the graphics generation, with the goal of developing an identity as a mathematical writer.
  • Improve students’ writing about mathematics through work with
    • Teachers
    • Mentors
    • Colleagues
  • Developing a cohort, a preview of a mathematical community

Tools for Accomplishing These Goals

  • Page Building Help, found at http://mathforum.org/mathimages/index.php/Page_Building_Help#Writing_References:_Keeping_our_Pages_Great
    • Writing References: Keeping Our Pages Great
      • Checklist for Writing Pages
      • What Makes a Good Math Images Page?
      • The Writing Guide Hit List
      • From a Bunch of Old Timers
    • Technical References
      • Top 5 Things you need to know how to do on the wiki
      • Wiki Tricks
      • MediaWiki’s Editing help page
      • MediaWiki’s Sandbox
      • Mathematical notation help:
        • Basic syntax for writing equations and math symbols
        • More basic syntax for writing math