Drexel-Swat Partnering

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Some info about who's paired with whom from Swat(&Haverford) and Drexel and what they're working on...


MaeBeth and Tim

  • Want to do some 3D images for MaeBeth's pages

Rebekah and Mike

Alan and Josh, Ayush

  • Alan gave them all of his ideas from his pages about what they might do and they would pick and choose some projects.

Brendan and Matt

  • Working together looking at the Gradients and Directional Derivatives page. Planning to work on an applet about directional derivatives.
  • Change of coordinate systems. i.e. Cartesian -> cylindrical -> spherical.

Lizah and Emily

Contact Information



  • Keith: kblaha1@swarthmore.edu
  • Maria: mkelly1@swarthmore.edu
  • Alan: azhao1@swarthmore.edu
  • Rebekah:ryang1@swarthmore.edu