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Support of Student Math Image Work This summer project consists of documenting the work that was done to support undergraduate students to write Math Images web pages, in particular strong and clear mathematics. For the progression of student work, here are some of the steps just to get the juices flowing: (a) identifying images with which to work, (b) documenting sources, (c) conducting research on which to build in framing and then writing and revising pages describing the math related to the image, (d) feedback on this work, organized in ways that would be useful for teachers to use the created material (perhaps breaking into organization for school teachers and organization for college teachers?), (e) assembling the material so that it interfaces with the Math Forum site, with appropriate textual support and links.

Organizing the Documentation Work The chief writers will likely be Steve M, Chris, and Greg. I suggest that I meet with you--soon--and get your ideas on how you'd like to organize your work. If at all possible I'd like to try to meet with you over the Swat vacation this coming week and find out what strategy you'd like to try.

The chief writers work could involve

1. going through the steps above and adding, subtracting, and modifying till we get something you think can capture your experiences,
2. making a rough draft of your ideas on these steps,
3. posting your rough drafts of your ideas on each appropriate part.

When you have posted a rough draft of your ideas on anything, the rest of us could add our ideas and comments--that's Ralph, Steve W, Ann, and Gene, with perhaps a Forum person as well. We'd then hold discussions, as needed, on points of contention or confusion.

Steve M, Chris, and Greg could then produce a refined draft, as needed.

Steve W, Ann, Gene and a Forum person would then make a final shaping to be posted on the Forum. Ann would add appropriate results from her research.

TIMING Steve M will try to begin some of his work before final exams finish on Saturday, May 17, and perhaps before the end of classes, Friday, May 2. This may be hard, apparently.

Steve M is scheduled to finish and go off to his other summer project, MathPath, on June 26.

Chris may be going to Tanzania around this same time, but is coming back around July 14 (and might even work online a bit while he's gone).