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(Do you need Quickie Help in Editing the Wiki?) ((Deeper help can be found on the software website, MediaWiki.))

In general for this type of wiki, for every page there is an associated discussion page (the 'discussion' tab at the top of the page). This makes for great reading on Wikipedia, and we're trying to encourage the development of useful discussion pages for students as they make Math Image pages--some are now pretty good and potentially useful at times to users other than the student.

However, for the type of discussion likely to arise here, it's often more convenient to have folks sprinkle signed comments throughout in identifiable fashions.

E.g. just indent, which is obtained by typing ": "
Or double indent—guess how that's done, or click on the edit tab to see.

Sometimes it's useful to use a different sized font
or even a different color font. Oh, don't forget to sign your comments with your username or nickname or whatever. Gene

It's sometimes useful to insert brief comments [and sometimes not–G], which I find to be clear when in boldface and enclosed in brackets "[ ]".

Comments and suggestions always welcome!