Different Strokes

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Different Strokes
Different Strokes.jpg
Field: Fractals
Image Created By: Linda Allison
Website: Mathematical Imagery

Different Strokes

Different Strokes is generated with Ultra Fractal, a program designed by Frederik Slijkerman. It consists of 10 layers and uses both Julia and Mandelbrot fractal formulas and other formulas for coloring.

Basic Description

This image, like most of those selected for this exhibition, is generated with Ultra Fractal, designed by Frederik Slijkerman. "Different Strokes" consists of 10 layers, using Julia and Mandelbrot fractal formulas with other formulas and algorithms for coloring. The layers are merged into a unique image using different techniques and transparencies for each layer in the composition.

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About the Creator of this Image

Linda Allison is a disabled housewife living in Florida. Since 1994, Linda has dedicated part of her free time to designing fractal images. Having no formal mathematical training, Linda possesses an incredible ability to represent the concept of infinity in images with smooth and delicate color palettes. Her shapes blend and separate in absolute harmony, with balanced framing that combines the classicism of the first fractals with the latest advances of fractal art.

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