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Please add more issues, too!

Individual Pages

Feedback. What to do to elicit feedback, keeping in mind the spam possibilities?

What (if anything) to do for topics where we have many images? E.g. there are tons of wonderful possibilities for fractals. Should we line up several spectacular ones and rotate among 'em for the "official" image, or should we have a section on "More Great Fractal Images", or what? Do we want to open this can of worms?

  • Question: Do you mean on the thumbnail gallery page or where? -- Maria

How (and if) to allow author attribution. My sense is that a lot of our authors would like their name associated with their pages; if so I guess we have to allow future contributors to a page to add their name if they think they deserve it. Maybe have an "About this Page" page attached?

  • There exists a "credits" page for all articles. I can modify it a bit so it would say something like "This page was created by: (username) on (date)..." at the top. What do we think of this? A sample credits page can be found here. -- Maria

When is a page ready for public? We need not expect perfection, but should we have a procedure? E.g. author says it's ready, Gene, Anna, Abram, Steve, or somebody checks it out?

  • In my opinion, the pages are really always "ready for public." I think part of the point is that, like wikipedia, the pages are never actually "finished" they are always up for change by anyone who can come along and contribute more (or more accurate) information... In terms of this summer's work, though, I think that deeming a page a mostly finished product is appropriate and, in this case, I think some sort of process like that suggested above would be useful. -- Maria

What to do with a page ready for public? Leave to author to erase discussion comments and add appropriate public comments about felt needs? Or what?

Math Image Site

Gene made a Site Critique before work started in May. I'll check for relevance when I get a minute.

Revision of text for Main Page. I'm less concerned about organization but it's worth mulling over a little, too.

Community portal and Chat. We have to figure out how to block or greatly diminish spam possibilities.

Thumbnail Gallery by Artist: have to figure out who is the artist.