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Drexel University
Welcome to Drexel's Summer 2011 page.

Calvin Morrison (CalvinMorrison)

Future Plans

This is what I am planning on working on over the summer


Working on the organization bit of the project:

  • Left over from other summers, we have a lot of pages that need to be reviewed, fixed up, then added.
  • Updating the main website. If I am having trouble finding something - Imagine someone who doesn't even work for the project! Remember, the project isn't for us. it's for people to utilize. that can't do it if it's not effective at organizing itself.
  • From the Homepage, we should be able to get everywhere within around 3 clicks. It's taken me up to 7 clicks to get to a specific page, that's to many!

I've been working on the field pages recently, they are pretty unattended, (someone even said a guy named mandelbolt, yes mandelBOLT) coined fractals.

I need someone to review these for extra ideas, and to make sure my explanations are correct. --CalvinMorrison 20:27, 27 July 2011 (UTC)

Unfinished from 2009

This of course only includes ones that were clearly unfinished or marked as WIP, obviously these need to be reviewed using the checklist: Checklist for writing pages

  • Kate 13:30, 27 June 2011 (UTC): Hi, sorry to butt in, but I was looking at this page and thought I should let you know that this page is not from 2009, nor is it abandoned. Leah created it at the beginning of this summer and is still working on it. See S11.

Helpful Pages

Md. Alimoor Reza (alimurreza)

Current and completed tasks here.

  • Epitrochoid Completed. Check out the applet(Epitrochoid).
  • Epicycloid Completed. Check out the applet(Epicycloid).
  • 3D Viewer Completed. Check out the applet(Cross-cap). This is an Interactive Applet that imports a crosscap in JavaView .jvx format and displays it. The model can be rotated/translated/scaled around any axis in 3D. Additionally, JavaView allows for the other information(vertex, vertex normal, etc.) of the model. It was requested by Harrison from Swarthmore College. Check out three applets here:
  • Ambiguous Case Completed. Check out the new version.(AmbiguousCase). Working on an Interactive Applet that shows the ambiguity. It was requested by Richard from Swarthmore College.
Status and interaction with Richard: In progress until 7/14.
Looks great! What still needs to be done? Richard 7/7
Thanks. Need to add the arc denoting the angle etc. Reza 7/8
Reza, This is sooooooooooooo great. Thanks thanks thanks. Is there a way for me to embed it on the page? Richard 7/18
Figured it out!
Thanks Richard. I made the necessary changes in your page for the Applet. Reza 7/19

  • Snell's Law In progress. Working on an Interactive Applet that exhibits Snell's Law. It was requested by Leah from Swarthmore College. Check out the current version.(Snell's Law)
ERROR: Unable to find Java Applet file: SnellsLaw.class.

Future Plans:

Cardioid, Hypotrochoid already implemented. So the proposed curves would complement these similar patterns.

Other Math Image Pages

  • Existing pages need work ([1])
  • Pages with most categories ([2])
  • Special pages ([3])

Michelle Guo (Rguo)

Currently Working On

Please comment on this page if you have the time! -- Rguo 21:26, 15 July 2011 (UTC)

Finished Tasks

  • Worked a bit with Java, trying to make Java applet rollovers
  • Build using this file w/ JDK1.2 as the binary/source

Future Plans

  • A helper page on Stellation?

Who We Are

David Breen, User:David
Michelle Guo, User: Rguo (undergraduate student)
Calvin Morrison, User: CalvinMorrison (undergraduate student)
Md. Alimoor Reza, User: alimurreza (graduate student)



Pages Ready for Final Review

Feedback Requests

Site programming questions




Math Tools Requests This page is a place where students whose primary focus is writing pages can post requests for applets, animations, and new images that they'd like to see the computer science students create.