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By next Wednesday, 5/8, you should have:

An Image Page created, with the following complete:

  • A link to the page under your name on Masterman Students' Work 2013
  • The main image
  • The Short Description (This is different from the Basic Decription; it is the blurb that appears at the very top of your page. It should only be a few sentences, stating what the image is and the general mathematical ideas you will talk about.)
  • At least one aspect of the mathematics, fully explained in both the Basic Description and the More Mathematical section:
    • At least one paragraph of text in the Basic Description
    • The math to support that paragraph in the form of a proof, a set of equations (and how you found them), or a writeup of your work in the More Mathematical Explanation


'The Basic Description explains the math without formulas or numbers; it is a conceptual description, accessible to beginners. (Imagine you’re talking to a middle schooler.)

Add mathematical equations and symbols by typing: <math>[code for your equation]</math>. To find the code for your particular equation, look at other pages’ code where similar equations are used, or ask for help on Masterman Students' Work 2013, where I can give you the code.