Barb response of 6/3, listing her students and raising some important questions

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Hi All,

My students contact info: [sent to partners individually].

Some questions that have already come up: [These numbered questions will be discussed/answered on this page's "discussion page"

  1. Is there a mechanism for deleting a page? Or deleting an image? Is there a convention for marking/stating that you're currently developing content for a topic? Is this the purpose of marking a page as a "Work in Progress"? Maybe we should have an index page of who's working on what? (Rebecca discovered that if you click on the "Work in Progress" image you get a list of all pages that currently have that image. But some of these pages have been marked as in progress for > 1 year.)
  2. Videos: Rebecca & Jenn really like the video on the Mobius Strip page. It was a link to YouTube, and that link is now broken (pulled from YouTube for copyright violation?) Can(Should?) MathImages host videos? Or should we post any videos we might make on YouTube & link to them?
  3. Rebecca was surprised when her new page (on Krustal's algorithm) was auto-labeled as a "Pre-K" topic. So she poked around to learn about the grade level labels. The implementation seems incomplete though? There aren't buttons on the initial form upload to select a grade level, and "Higher Education" doesn't work like the others.

I think it would be great to have regular Skype group meetings between the schools. And we'll setup a page for the RPI contributions similar to Swarthmore & Drexel.